Yes – you won’t believe it.

Today I was wondering why I shed more from the right side of my head than my left side.  Every time I look down throughout the day, I have noticed that there are hairs hanging down mostly from the right side.  Cumulatively, I think I shed approximately 100 hairs a day.

Then I thought, how many hairs do I have on my head that I still have a full head of hair?  I said to myself, hypothetically, let’s say that at this rate, I go bald in 35 years (that would bring me to retirement age).   That would be 100 hairs a day for 365 days a year for 35 years. 

The result:  1,277,500 !!!!

OMG – we have more than a million hairs on our heads!!!!

How awesome is that.  Here’s to an amazing Creator.  Cheers!


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