I am not married.

I am not married, but I have a thought or two about marriage.

Today my sister sent me a link to a NY Times article about a woman who went through a tough period in her marriage and handled it quite differently than the average married American today.

I won’t share my thoughts at this time, but I thought it was worth sharing this article for anyone who still has hope in the words, “’til death do us part.”

Happy reading.


3 thoughts on “I am not married.

  1. i dun know how she found the strength to do that…it’s quite amazing. my parents, who have such a great relationship (and oddly enough is the reason why i’m uninterested in getting married), say that marriage is the hardest relationship you’ll ever have. “til death do us part” is certainly a long ass time to endure such a hard relationship…

  2. wow … pretty interesting stuff! However, after reading her piece I found that everything she did was sooooo Logical and rational and level minded, I applaud her for being able to do that when most would want to break down and cry …

  3. hmm… I am pretty sure (though she doesn’t get into it in the article) that there were many moments when she DID in fact break down and cry. I think it was incredibly hard for her for most of that period. But the fact that she stuck it through and really held onto her core belief – is so admirable.

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