I was wrong and I’m sorry

Over the past year, Steve and I have been doing something I suspect many couples do.  Every time we watch a movie at home, we’ve been swapping our personal favorites.  I’m not a big fan of Rom-Coms or Roms for that matter, so he’s not been tortured in that way.  My top 20 list includes […]

You Raise Me Up

Last weekend, I went to a really sweet wedding of two people who have been through a lot in life.  The groom is a widower with several children and multiple grandchildren. The bride had been single all her life and as a 50-something year old, had pretty much given up the hope of being married. […]

Rich Guy, Poor Girl, Evil Woman

Once in a blue moon when I have a bit of down time, I like to watch Korean dramas.  I started to watch them to “improve my Korean” but then I quickly realized that the only Korean phrases I was going to learn were something along the lines of, “You’ll pay for this!” or “How […]