Perfection, Not Progress?

I’ve been hearing a word being thrown around a lot lately and it’s also been used towards me (in the vein of me needing to let go of it) so I’ve given this a bit of thought. The word is perfectionism.  Here are some of my unpolished thoughts: 1. You’re probably not a perfectionist and […]

The Big Blur of 2013 and a Music Video

But mostly, when I think about this year, I remember running around in a frenzy trying to get everything done. I remember being tired all the time. Call it age, call it overextension… I was exhausted in 2013.

I was wrong and I’m sorry

Over the past year, Steve and I have been doing something I suspect many couples do.  Every time we watch a movie at home, we’ve been swapping our personal favorites.  I’m not a big fan of Rom-Coms or Roms for that matter, so he’s not been tortured in that way.  My top 20 list includes […]

You Raise Me Up

Last weekend, I went to a really sweet wedding of two people who have been through a lot in life.  The groom is a widower with several children and multiple grandchildren. The bride had been single all her life and as a 50-something year old, had pretty much given up the hope of being married. […]

28, 30 and Sandy… Hook

Today, for some reason, life seems much more complicated than I ever thought it was.  I know I’m supposed to enjoy the simplicities of life.  In fact, I remember really connecting with Henry David Thoreau’s famous words, “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” in high school.  I’ve tried to live by those words as much as possible but […]

Standing Together

My office was closed all week because of Sandy so I stayed home.  I don’t like the fact that the name “Sandy” will be forever associated with devastation and tragedy, at least in this area and in our lifetime.  I was not affected whatsoever, except that I got a week off from work.  My internet […]

Bearing Witness

In the context of a compassionate embrace, our brokenness may appear beautiful, but our brokenness has no other beauty but the beauty that comes from the compassion that surrounds it. – Henri Nouwen ———————– The other night, Steve and I stayed in and we were casually flipping through channels, hoping to find something good to watch. […]

Revenge, Revenge

I’m the failure, I’m everyone’s fool.  And I’m losing my cool in the end. I’m the loser, my numbers come up. I’ve been hung up on thoughts of revenge, revenge, revenge.  – Jon Foreman, “Revenge” —————— I’ve become increasingly irritable lately.  Maybe it’s the extraordinarily hot summer that we’ve had, which has inevitably led to […]