What can I say about myself?  It seems lately that I am evolving.  My thoughts are changing.  Views go from one landscape to another… I’m not sure what I can say about myself that would make sense anymore.  To say I am this or that would be completely useless because it might not be true tomorrow… or even in an hour. 

I do know one thing.  I have always been fascinated with birds.  Mostly because they have wings that enable them to fly.  I have this desire within me to fly.  Always have.  Maybe I have wings, too, but I don’t know how to flap them.   So I sure don’t know how it feels to fly.  Somehow I’ve ended up in this cage that’s been built up around me.  Maybe I had a part in it.  Maybe I put up a bar here and there, not knowing that it would encage me.

But something tells me I was born to fly.  And so I am journeying to find my way out of this cage and into the great unknown.  It’s scary.  It’s been painful.  It’s a long path.  And it’ll all be worth it. 

So thanks for stopping by and taking time to look inside. 

These are the musings of a caged songbird.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love reading everything you have to say. Your writings are always so beautiful, like you are!

    Love you, Cate ❤

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