All Things Rohr

Today is our monthly DAWG (Day Alone With God) and I decided to read all the Richard Rohr I could get my hands on in this given period of time.  I am not doing a good job getting through it. Every sentence is pretty much rocking my world. I have to pause, re-read, ponder, read again, ponder some more, write some thoughts down, ponder some more… at this rate, I’m gonna read one whole paragraph by the end of today.

If I could point to one person who has impacted my spirituality the most this past year, it would have to be Richard Rohr. There is a part of me that wishes he wasn’t an old, white man, but he speaks truth like no other author I’ve read as of late. Plus he has a dog and really, he’s like a sweet old grandpa, with lots of wisdom.  Lots and lots of wisdom.

As I enter my late 30s, I’ve consistently found that I desire better language to articulate my values and beliefs. I want to express what I’ve known to be true but didn’t have the words to explain effectively.  Richard Rohr has done this for me time and time again.  I understand the importance of reading widely, so I will continue to read books written by people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, belief systems… but for now, I’m absolutely grateful for Richard Rohr and all the ways God is using him to speak deeply to me.


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