Last Days of Singlehood: Part 4

The other day, a mentor and friend told us that the most difficult thing to give to someone, our spouse will require of us. That truth just destroyed me. I know it and yet I have no idea what that even means. I’m scared as hell but there’s also a deep ‘yes’ that resonates in my heart. I wonder if anyone can actually be “ready for marriage”, as they say.  We’ve gone through some of the best pre-marital counseling anyone can do and I’ve been part of a community that has deep roots in relationship building. Many books have been recommended to me but I wonder if reading a book at this point can change my life or approach to marriage.  Everyone claims to have the 3 best ways to sustain a happy marriage.  I’m sure there is some truth to most, if not all such claims.

I’ve learned loving someone is a discipline.  And that’s a discipline I’m willing to embrace fully to be with Steve.


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