Standing Together

My office was closed all week because of Sandy so I stayed home.  I don’t like the fact that the name “Sandy” will be forever associated with devastation and tragedy, at least in this area and in our lifetime.  I was not affected whatsoever, except that I got a week off from work.  My internet went down for a day, but that’s hardly an issue.  I am immensely grateful.  So that I didn’t completely waste this week, I did a lot of previously procrastinated house-stuff while the TV remained on as the backdrop all throughout the day, all week.  I just wanted to know what was happening in the area.  Once in awhile, when I noticed my brain going numb, I turned it off, only to turn it back on again in a couple of hours.  I didn’t want to miss any important announcements or reporting.

After a week of hearing story after story and seeing image after image of the aftermath of Sandy, I confess that I am not in a good place.  I feel overwhelmed.  I am sad.  I feel helpless for those people who lost everything; for some, even loved ones.  I do what I can, donating here and there, signing up to volunteer as I hear about opportunities.  Last night, I went to band rehearsal for this upcoming Sunday’s services at church, and ended up changing half the set because I had planned songs in there that mentioned rain, hurricane, trees bending, sinking… all before I knew what this week would be like.  How’s that for irony.  I was a bit of a wreck inside and anticipate this Sunday to be heavy.  What can I possibly do in front of the congregation to alleviate the pain and suffering of our city?

I feel weak and unprepared to lead.  But I am encouraged to see people standing together.  Before Sandy came, I was at the end of my rope with election season.  It took Sandy to unite us.  Why does it take tragedy to bring us together?  Before Sandy, I would’ve written something about the privilege to vote and the importance of loving each other despite differences in our beliefs and values.  After Sandy, it seems as if that all goes without saying.  More importantly, I see, once again, how much we need each other.  And ultimately, how much we, individually and corporately, need God.

So we will stand together, this Sunday, at New Life Fellowship.  If you don’t have a place to go to stand with your neighbor and are able to come to Queens, please join us.  Services are 9:15a, 11:15a and 6p.  Looking forward to standing with you.

[If you want to help, please donate to the American Red Cross here.]


One thought on “Standing Together

  1. I feel your pain Yae..I keep looking at images and reading reports of things going on in NY/NJ, and it just breaks my heart. Every story and picture leaves me speechless and aching. I pray for the victims, yet feel so helpless and even guilty as I sit here in my warm home. You’re right though, the best we can do is just be there for each other in every way we’re capable of, and pray that God will bring healing and restoration. So, hoping that God will use you tomorrow Yae to bring much comfort and hope to those who attend service at your church. Press on!

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