Two Sides

Some time ago, I sat down with a friend for dinner and the conversation quickly turned into one about a major crisis that this person was going through.  It was about a fallout that had occurred with someone and how the relationship dissolved without ever really solidifying at all.  I felt a lot of confusion from my friend and we talked through what might have happened.  I tried to listen well and I honestly started to question that other person’s actions and intentions.

The thing is, that other person was also my friend.  And a couple of weeks later, I sat down with that friend and we talked about what happened.   I felt similar emotions of heartache, pain and regret.  But, I heard a very different story.

I came home that night and realized that perhaps for the first time, I had heard two complete sides to the same story and that both sides, though different, were completely valid and true.  It was the same relationship, same situation, the same fallout and yet they each experienced something very different.  I started to see how many times I had been quick to render an opinion on someone based on just one side of the story, or take a side just because I knew one person better than another.  I started to recall all the times in my life that I had felt victimized without knowing the point of view of the person who hurt me.  I rarely admitted my own faults in the situation and made enemies of people because I was unaware of any other story than my own.  This is a continual and profound lesson I’ve been learning since the conversations I had with my two friends.

There is always more than one side to every story.


3 thoughts on “Two Sides

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  2. Great point. Reminds me of the simple yet profound quote by St Augustine, “Audi Partem Alteram” or “Hear the other side.”

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