I’m Desperate

I know.  A 30-something year old single woman saying, “I’m desperate”, usually carries some heavy weight not easy to shake off.  Imagine as you will.

As much connotation as the word “desperation” in all of its iterations takes on, I have to say that it is one word that describes me very well.  In fact, I am able to say, with a considerable amount of confidence, that desperation has been the main driving force behind all of my life pursuits.

Why am I so desperate?  Maybe that’s not the right question.  The better question is, what am I desperate for?  To put it simply, I’m desperate for life.  For purpose.  For meaning.  For something more.  I keep digging and digging and digging because I’m desperate.  I keep asking questions because I’m desperate.  I keep waking up in the morning because I’m desperate.  I embrace pain because I’m desperate.  I love because I’m desperate.  Something inside me tells me that maybe, just maybe, if I’m desperate enough, I will find.

And from that place, I want to share this song with you.


14 thoughts on “I’m Desperate

  1. beautiful song.
    i remember rita came to play at our old church and no one could get her keyboard to work before the concert… til dan got there…

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