What a Trip!

I’m just flying back from my epic week-long trip to San Diego and trying to process everything that happened while I was there.  This may turn out to be an equally epic post.  Epic is my favorite word of 2011.

Being in a new environment and participating in tons of new activities helped me realize some things about myself.  The absolutely gorgeous weather day in and day out provided for a nice backdrop to the action-packed week.  Here are some of my discoveries from this trip.

I am not afraid of heights.  When Jem told me that there was a hot air balloon ride that she wanted to do while I was there, my initial response was, me? On a hot air balloon up in the air?  It’s just one of those things that I had never imagined I would ever do in my lifetime.  But I thought, this is a once-in-a-lifetime activity. When will I ever have the chance to be in a hot air balloon over wine country in California?  So I went ahead and booked it.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but when we finally got onto the basket and lifted up into the air, I felt a sense of freedom and wonder.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I also noticed a couple of people getting nervous around me so that’s when I realized, oh, I must not be afraid of heights.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Temecula Wine Country

I can get very sea sick.  Jem & Mike live in San Diego county and just minutes away from many, many beaches.  Jem and I went to La Jolla beach to kayak.  I was excited since I have kayaked in the past but never out in the ocean.  It didn’t even occur to me that I might get sea sick, since I’ve been fine on boats in the past. A magical combination of eating too much, sleeping too little and especially choppy waters that day made for a not-so-great kayak experience for me.  We went out 2 hours into the ocean and on the way my stomach turned and twisted and I proceeded to yack about 5 times.  I was totally zapped of energy and couldn’t even paddle anymore. That’s when we saw a rescue boat.

Kayaking in La Jolla Beach

I have high tolerance for suffering.  So at that point I was literally keeled over on the kayak, head down, eyes closed, dehydrated, probably exhausted from the sun and praying for a miracle.  Jem’s shoulders were hurting and we didn’t think we could make it back another 2 hours to shore.  That’s the point when we saw the rescue boat and we were so relieved… until they didn’t want to rescue us!  One of the rescuers asked if I was “sick sick” or “sea sick”.  Then they told us that we’re pretty close (we were not!).  When it looked like they weren’t going to rescue us, I mustered up the strength to say, “Okay, we’ll just paddle back…”, when I wasn’t even sure if I could make it.  I was preparing myself for a long, painful journey back.  Thankfully, Jem has very low tolerance for suffering and after much prodding, finally convinced them to bring us back to shore.

Mark and Chris, the Rescue Guys

I suck at drinking alcohol of any kind.  This isn’t a new realization by any means since I’ve had the same reaction to alcohol for years, but I don’t know why I keep thinking that it’ll be better next time.  So we went wine tasting in beautiful Temecula wine country and I passed out after about a cumulative 1 full glass of wine.  This is WINE I’m talking about here.  This always makes me laugh – my totally weak attempt at drinking alcoholic beverages.  I was basically passed out for the next 3 hours.  Sometimes I wish I was a better drinker, and perhaps it’s something I can improve if I worked hard at it, but really.  Is this something worth putting effort into when there are so many other worthier purposes in life? Haha. Just not that important to me.  I’m satisfied with remaining weak sauce, I guess.

Wine Tasting Before I Passed Out

I love music…for life.  Again, not a new discovery, but it’s so heartwarming to discover new ways that I love music and how that passion is affirmed.  About mid way through the week, I started to feel a kind of strange emptiness that normally shouldn’t be felt in a week of fun and adventure with good friends.  I started to ponder a little bit and attributed a part of the emptiness to my need for music this week.  It had only been a few days without doing anything music-related but it’s become such a core part of who I am that I don’t feel whole when I don’t get a chance to sing or play or something.  Coincidentally, I did enjoy some unexpected promotion when Perez Hilton selected my video submission as an honorable mention in his contest.  I was… honored.  I received a lot of love from friends and strangers with regard to the mention.  Then, my last night in SD, we saw a theater production of one of my favorite movies of all time, “Amadeus”, at the Globe Theater in Balboa Park.  It was so fantastic and reminded me so much of my own heart.  My heart’s desire to create good music remains stronger than ever before and even though I am unsure of what next steps to take with my music, one thing’s for sure.  I will continue to make music.

Theater Production of Amadeus at Globe Theater


This week may have been one of the most epic weeks of my life just because of the sheer number of activities that we planned into 6 days.  But the best part of this week was, without a doubt, being able to share each experience with my good friends.  Watching a sunset, eating a fish taco, grilling all-you-can-eat kbbq, being rescued out at sea, whale watching… all of it was so, so good because I was able to do it with people I love.  This is something that’s becoming clearer to me day by day.  Life is not meant to be experienced alone.

Life is much fuller,

much more beautiful,

much more whole

when it is shared.

Epic All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ Lunch at Incheonwon


4 thoughts on “What a Trip!

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  2. I love balloon riding here…..an event I love to photograph. I recommend going early on Saturday and bring chairs and a umbrella and day camp as this day is filled with music, fun and an evening balloon glow that is pretty spectacular.
    pictures seem like you peeps enjoyed alot.

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