Skepticism and Humility

Questions are good.  They raise curiosity, challenge tradition and usher in new perspectives.

I’m starting to wonder, however, if I’ve taken questioning to an extreme.  There is the kind of questioning that is helpful to the discussion and a kind of questioning that is altogether insidious.  Though I am not a true skeptic by any means, I have to admit, I’ve approached many topics lately with a more than healthy dose of skepticism and I’ve found myself playing devil’s advocate on more occasions than called for.  I tend to blame it on this current “questioning phase” of my life, but I had a thought today that took root in my heart.

If I question for the sake of questioning, I end up at the same place where I began; a place I don’t want to be.

I want to grow, in knowledge, in emotional maturity, relationally.  But lately, when I question, I sense a callousness in my heart, a sort of bitter feeling that makes me question just to cause an upheaval.  I believe on the internet, a person like me would be described as a troll.  I know I haven’t done enough to claim that title and I would never waste my time questioning things just to get people all riled up, but I can see how easily this can go down that road.

Instead, I’d like to propose to myself (and to you, if this applies) a rather different approach to this whole curiosity and discussion:  Questioning with humility.  After all, the reason I question to begin with is because I do not know the answer and I’d like to know.  Many times, there isn’t a clear cut answer, and that’s okay.  I need to accept that my mind is limited or that human understanding is limited and some things are left in the in-between.  As I approach questioning with humility, I surrender my need to know, need to be right, need to prove, etc. etc. etc.

And that… that can be quite liberating.


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