“The Well” Fundraiser on Feb. 11: Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend

If you haven’t heard yet, I’m helping to organize a great fundraiser event to raise $10,000 that will be donated to charity:water for the purpose of building TWO WELLS in much-needed communities.  We realize this will be a huge feat if we reach our goal, and we really need YOUR help!  Here are my Top Ten Reasons You Should Attend!

10.  WEATHER: You’ll get to hang out INDOORS, all warm and fuzzy, away from the freezer that’s been this winter!  Isn’t that incentive enough??

9.  VALENTINE: It’s going to be on Friday of Valentine’s Day weekend, and if you’re single, it’ll be a GREAT opportunity to mingle with others and perhaps score a Valentine’s Date!  We invited Cupid to the event.  I’ll keep you updated on that front. 😉  Additionally, this can be your way to impress a date!

8.  VENUE: We booked Alvin Ailey Dance Studio for the venue and after visiting the site today, I’m convinced it’s the perfect setting for a wonderful night in NYC.  Think beautiful space with a view of the Manhattan skyline, wall-to-wall windows, lights, open space, great vibe.

7.  SWEETS & SWEETS: I’ve confirmed with several amazing bakers who will be donating cupcakes, cookies and other sweet goodies to the event.  I’ve been blown away by their generosity.  Here are a couple of links for your viewing pleasure.  The pictures alone should convince you.  Sweets by Sillianah, Cakes by Christine [Edit: THIS JUST IN! We also have added Sweetery NYC and CupcakeStop to the sweets list! O.M.G.!!]

6.  CATE SONG: I will be playing at the event as the opening act.  Visit my website to hear my  music.  I’ll keep it acoustic and bring my A game!  I already have a couple of brand new songs I wanna share with y’all for this special occasion!

5.  DRINKS: The first hour (7:30p-8:30p) is open bar.  There will be specialty beers and wine.

4.  CHARITY:WATER PRESENTATION:  You’ll get to hear directly from a charity:water representative about the great work that this amazing organization does around the world.  You’ll know exactly where 100% of your money is going.

3.  SOCIALIZE & NETWORK: You will be surrounded by peers, friends, professionals… basically, great people.  It’ll be a great time to meet new folks, hang out with friends, network with others.  You just can’t ask for a better setting.  And you’ll all be there for the same, great cause!

2.  HEADLINER:  PETER BRADLEY ADAMS will be headlining the event.  We are so grateful that’s he’s coming!!  This actually should be reason enough to attend the event.  Peter’s music is all over TV shows and films that we watch.  Go to his website and check out his music, and sign up on his mailing list to get updates.

1.  100% OF YOUR ADMISSION CHARGE WILL GO DIRECTLY TO CHARITY:WATER for the cause of building wells in much needed areas.  Did you know that millions of people around the world don’t have access to clean water?  If we can raise $10,000 to build 2 wells, that would be EPIC and will provide clean water to SO MANY PEOPLE.  It only takes $1 to provide clean water to one African for an ENTIRE YEAR.  Your attendance will mean so much more than just spending a fun night on the town.  You will be making a statement that $40 can go a long way to help other people in need.  This event is costing a substantial amount of money but those costs will be subsidized by separate personal donations.

***Don’t miss out on this special evening!  Tell everyone you know and come out to join us!  Here’s the link to the admission/donation page:  http://mycharitywater.org/thewell

Feel free to contact me (catesong@gmail.com) with questions/comments!  Hope to see you there!


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