Losiah, You’re Not A Single Lady.

I’m not a huge fan of YouTube.   In this day of practically everything being captured and posted on this ubiquitous website, I realize there’s a whole world of happenings out there that I’m missing out on.  I just have no desire to go search for them, nor watch every link that someone posts or sends with a “gotta-watch” vid attached.  My feelings about it are usually confirmed when I do click on a vid once in awhile, only to find that I just wasted the last 3 minutes watching someone do something that I could care less about.  I have to admit, though, that once in awhile, I’ll watch a clip and do my share of laughing or tearing up or being impressed.  But these come few and far between.

About a week ago, my friend sent me a link to a “hilarious” and “adorable” YouTube video that I had to watch.  She sent about 5 e-mails consecutively, each e-mail describing her reaction to the video clip (all positive), and one e-mail even included a bullet point list about why the video was so good.  She had observed something a little deeper than a typical 50 second video tends to offer.  I was convinced that this one might be worth watching.  This is the clip, and it is entitled “Single Ladies Devastation.”  You may have seen it already, as it has gotten well over a million hits:

I confess I have watched this clip about 10 times by now.  I find it absolutely hilarious and SO cute.  The boy’s true devastation.  His sisters’ varying reactions.  The mom and dad’s response and attempt at recovery.  This is the stuff that awesome videos are made of!  Normally, after I watch something like this, I’ll send the link to someone, post it on my status, etc. (which I did)… but for some reason, I noticed a link in the vid that said to go “check out Carlos Whittaker’s music” (did you notice that in a red banner up top?).  I don’t know what really possessed me to click around (I’m usually not a very curious person), but I did a little investigating (a.k.a. online stalking) to find out more about this “terrible father” guy, his music and his family.  Boy, am I glad I did!

Here’s what I found out.  Carlos Whittaker, the father in the video clip above, is a signed recording artist with Integrity Music (record label) and serves as a worship/music leader at a church in Georgia.  He and his wife have 3 children (2 girls on the left in the vid clip and 1 boy in the car seat).  In 2006, he and his wife went to South Korea and adopted a baby boy (named Losiah – the same boy crying in the video above) and documented the entire trip/process via short (and very entertaining) vid clips, all of which are posted on YouTube.  He and his wife have been advocating adoption for years and he has Losiah on the cover of his EP, “Carlos Whittaker EP” released earlier this year.  He also has a full-length album coming out later this month, called “Ragamuffin Soul“.

I took a special interest in this family’s story because the concept of adoption has always drawn my heart and also because it involved a baby from South Korea (my country of origin).  I’ve heard in the past, on more than one occasion, that South Korea is one of the easiest countries to adopt from, legally and bureaucratically speaking, so I wasn’t all that surprised to find out the devastated-single-lady-boy was adopted from Korea.  I ended up watching all 11 vid clips of their adoption journey (even the couple that lacked audio)… and their story is so incredibly heartwarming and inspirational, that I felt compelled to share with everyone I know.  Hence, this blog post.  I’ve posted the first clip below.  If you click here, it’ll take you to YouTube, where you can find all the successive clips.  Most of the videos are less than 10 minutes long, so I recommend watching them all in consecutive order, since the story will be more meaningful that way.  I’m positive that every family who has gone through the process of adoption has their own special story.  I’m just so glad that Carlos Whittaker and his wife shared that experience with the rest of the world (!) and allowed us see a little glimpse into the gift of adoption.

I guess I am so drawn to adoption because essentially, the story of christianity is exactly that.  Adoption.  Acceptance.  Redemption of life.  Hope for life.

And today, on this Easter Sunday, I am especially grateful for adoption.


3 thoughts on “Losiah, You’re Not A Single Lady.

  1. very cool how you found all this out through something that was on the surface just another hilarious YouTube video!

  2. Love this post =) I didn’t see where you were going with it until you hit me with it! I’ll go check out the videos later … but I agree with your conclusion on adoption. Yay for that, for I am a part of the King’s family.

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