Loving again

Loving a person just the way they are, it’s no small thing…  (Sara Groves)

It’s January 2, 2010.  The hoopla of ringing in the new year has silenced.  It’s such a stark contrast, I can hardly fathom it.  The excitement has died.  We’re back to life, back to reality.  What do we do now that January 2 is here?  Get to work on that new year’s resolution that always seems to elude us? 

At every end of the year and start of a new one, there is always talk of making it “the year of  fill-in-the-blank”.  2008 was “the year to date”.   2009 was “the year to shine”.  We threw around a couple of phrases for 2010.  The year of men.  The year of fine men.  The year of women.  The year of fine women.  I voted for “the year of raining men”.  I laughed heartily.

This morning, as I woke up and stood in the silence, it dawned on me.  For me, 2010 will be the year to love again.  I tend to talk and write about love often.  I’ve grown a fascination with it.  I can’t seem to shake it off.  No matter how hard I try to live on and do things to occupy myself and make my life meaningful and fill it up with activities and friends and accomplishments and this and that…I just keep coming back to love.  Loving people.  There just isn’t anything like it in all the world.  No experience quite captures the human soul like love.  No relationship quite as significant as that defined by love.  No feeling that really compares to the one that exudes from love. 

What is love?  (baby, don’t hurt me)  And why does it keep tugging at my heart?

I wanna know what love is. (I want you to show me)  And what it means to love. 

I think I’ve veered off somewhere along the way.  But I’m back, and I’m ready to make 2010 “the year to love again”.


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