Youuu little cutie-patootie.

My friends Alice and Huey had their baby this past weekend.  His name is Matthew.   I just saw a picture of him.  He’s really cute.

I just came back from visiting my cousin and her family in Maryland.  They have 3 kids.  They’re all super cute.

It was my other cousin’s birthday this past Monday.  She and her hubby have a one year old, Noah.  He’s a cutie patootie as well. 

Looks like it’s the season of…. births.  It’s the “miracle of life.”  I remember watching the video in 6th grade and swearing never to have a baby.  Ever.  I’m pretty sure all of us girls felt that way.  But now look at us.  Babies up the wazoo.  I guess that’s how life goes.  We date, we get married, we have babies.

Some of us.

Others of us walk down a different road.  We’re married with no babies.  Or we’re not married.  We’re dating.  Or we’re not dating.  We’re single.  Some of us are single parents.  Some of us are divorced.  Or widowed. 

I guess my wish is that we wouldn’t expect anyone to conform to one way of living, because, in a way, we’re all different.  I guess my wish is also that we would love each other, because, in a way, we’re all the same.


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