Animal style.

Just landed in JFK a couple of hours ago, and I can’t help but feel really sad about everything we left behind in Cali.  It was a marvelous week.  I thought I’d recount some personal highlights, to share and also to reflect.

  • In-N-Out burgers are probably the best fast food burgers in the business.  Thanks to a little tip from a new-found friend, we ordered animal style burgers and I was not disappointed.  I got a burger, fries and a drink for less than $5.  I felt funny uttering “animal style” but no questions were asked.  I actually tasted potato in them fries, and probably enjoyed them even better than the burger.  Now if someone had just told me that I can order them extra crispy…
  • In one short week, acquaintances became family.  Late night chats with my roomie, connecting with awesome kids from all over the country, playing with an electric guitarist who ended up being the nicest man on earth (I want him to adopt me), our hosts Dr. & Mrs. Intha – aka “mom” and “dad” (and getting to know them and their huge hearts), the Tran family (we’ll always have our scenic route through Hollywood!), Joe – our “personal” photographer, tour guide and friend, Uncle Kevin for late night In-N-Out runs… I can go on and on.  We were welcomed and treated like family.  I’ve never experienced such a thing.
  • I sold all 100 CDs that I sent over there.  I signed autographs.  I keep telling people that my signature’s not worth anything, but they want it anyways.  I appreciated their gesture and support.  400 left and I’m debut-album free!  Help!
  • I know I’m a New Yorker and should stay loyal to the great city that we are, but I can now say definitively that food in California is hands-down better than food in New York.  Maybe that’s an unfair statement, but everything we tried tasted much better and more authentic.  We had Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese…  incredible incredible.  Did I mention, incredible?  Maybe there’s just better Asian food on the west coast.  We had back to back buffets in one day.  That was a first.  And probably the last.
  • I was a bit unprepared for the week-long trip, as I forgot my phone charger and camera battery charger.  So picture taking was out of the question.  I’m not much of a phone-person, but I do text quite a bit.  I was only online an hour or two here and there at the local library.  Other than that, I was completely electronic-device-free and OH SWEET FREEDOM DID I TASTE!  I’d rather go back to the days when life was simpler.  Write me a letter or come see me.  I spent so much quality time with people this past week.  That’s the way I like it.
  • Spending the week and playing with two of the most talented musicians that I know.  It’s such an honor.  And I’m taking advantage of it while it lasts. Love you guys, J & F.  🙂
  • I fought back tears as we said our farewells to everyone.  Who knew one week could make us grow so fond of each other?

Back to life.  Back to reality.

There’s a lot waiting for me here in NY.  I walked into my temporary home tonight and remembered that there are people here that I love.  I am sad that I left California.  I am also glad to be back in New York.

It’s good to have a burger animal style.  And sometimes just regular, too.


3 thoughts on “Animal style.

  1. I’m so proud of you!!! You only have 400 cds left?!? How awesome is that!! Time to start thinking about album #2, perhaps? 🙂

    I’m glad you had such a great time in CA! Missed you!!

  2. yeah, produce, meat, and fruit are all fresher and of higher quality in cali. in some respects, this is why in n out would never work in nyc.

    and yes, asian food is much better. i think you have good extremely high end stuff here, but in terms of day-to-day food, nothing beats cali (altho the meat in texas wins, prolly). maybe jusup can take all of us out to some high end stuff some time.

    also, ny might take the caribbean/french and rest of euro cuisine.

    and congrats on selling so many albums! your “tribe” is ever growing, and I couldn’t think of someone whose talent and heart deserves it more.

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