I want it all.

As we close out the first quarter of 2009, the year so far has carried a deep, common theme:  I am a sucker for info-mercials

I can’t count the number of conversations that I’ve had with friends, coworkers, and other random groups of people about the various products that have been marketed to naive consumers such as myself.   There are too many to list, or count, or even mention in passing.  So I thought I would list some of my favorites through the years.  (Click on the name for linkage to the official site of each product.)

  • The Buttoneer – I’ve wanted this since about 6th grade when a commercial came on during “Days of Our Lives”.  In the middle of being shocked that Hope is still alive, I saw this stapler like apparatus and thought I MUST have it.  Nevermind the fact that I didn’t have many (if anything) things to “button” up, but it just looked so easy!  One press and voila!  There’s a button!
  • The Magic Bullet – A glorified food processor.  It does it all.  I actually bought this in broad daylight.  I was sitting in my parent’s house, eating lunch and watching TV, and there goes the commercial again.  I had seen it many times before, but they said that if I call in the next 10 minutes, I can get 2 (TWO) for the price of one!  I couldn’t pass it up.  So I got it, and gave one to my mom.  This was about 3 years ago.  How many times have I used it?  Ummm…. let’s just say it’s the comfort of knowing that I can use it any time I want. 
  • The Sham-WOW – This super-absorbent cloth is amazing.  It’s supposed to clean up any liquid mess in a jiffy, even through carpet.  The guy who does the demonstration is so dynamic and such a good salesman, that I almost buy this every time I see the informercial.  But then something in my brain kicks in and then I remember, oh, I don’t really have much use for that.  It’s not like we’re making a big liquid mess everywhere in our apartment.
  • The EZ Comb – I recently saw this commercial while waiting for my lunch at a deli.  It’s a women’s constant annoyance, having to get that hair all tied up.  Sure hair ties work, and banana clips do the job, but the EZ comb is flat, stylish and very easy to use!  It’s one for $10, which seems like a lot…until they throw in another one in silver… then another one in black!  I don’t even have long hair, but I want to get this!  I don’t know why!
  • The Snuggie – My favorite.  Blanket with sleeves.  This is by far the stupidest product ever, but the more and more I think about it, the more I want to get it.  It’s cold in our apartment!  One night, I was sitting in bed and was working on my laptop when it got chilly.  So I covered myself with my comforter, and then realized, my arms have to be exposed if I want to keep typing.  That’s when I realized, I NEED THE SNUGGIE.   Sure it looks a bit cult-ish and a robe would do a similar job, but they’re having a promotion right now, buy one get one free! 

What are some of your favorite as-seen-on-tv products?


5 thoughts on “I want it all.

  1. cate you are a genius blogger hahaha…I love your thoughts.
    I heard the snuggie sucks though, that the material is like felt…
    OH us LAZY americans! we need snuggies!

    I always wanted to try the bowflex hahaha

  2. okay sister…i love infomercials as well but the snuggie is just a jacket worn backwards…and you have been talking about the buttoneer for 12 years…:) see you tomorrow!

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