He’s just not that into me.

So to humble myself and to balance out the last post, I have decided to write about all the ways that I know a guy that I’m into is just not that into me.  [Inspired by the film and personal experience.]  It has happened plenty of times so I have a lot of material to work with!  Here we go…

  • He addresses me by gender-neutral terms of endearment such as “buddy” or “kiddo.”  I guess this doesn’t change either way.  Something about a guy that I’m interested in calling me kiddo that rubs me the wrong way.  
  • He does everything he can to avoid a hug from me.  Granted I’ve become much more a hugger lately, and I’m around a lot more people who love to hug too. If a guy that I’m into holds up his hand for a “hi-five” or walks away when it’s more natural to hug good-bye, then yeah.  I pretty much get it. 
  • He’s not interested in getting to know me.   I’m having a conversation with the guy, and I’m super excited cuz I’m finally talking to him and I’m all into the convo until I realize…. for the past 2 hours we’ve been talking about him, and him only.  He never once stopped to ask me anything about myself.  
  • He never asks me how I’m really doing… cuz he doesn’t care all that much.  There are plenty of opportunities to ask, but he never does. 
  • I initiate all of our communication and meetings.  I don’t mind sending an e-mail or a text or setting up a date with friends.  But when it comes to guys I’m into, and I’m the one doing all of the initiating, there’s something wrong with the picture.  I also get the hint very quickly at this point.  


haha… that was much quicker to write than the last post!  So girls – are these points ringing true for any of you?  And guys, what other signs do you give to girls to let them know that you’re just not that into them?  


Disclaimer:  Yet again, the contents of this post are meant to be read in fun and not to be taken seriously.  The views of this post reflect only those of the author, who, by the way, is not an expert in this subject by any means.  Please read and spread at your discretion.


5 thoughts on “He’s just not that into me.

  1. I agree with your points 🙂 I sometimes do the same. Except for the hug thing, sometimes I want to hug people but I don’t because I’m not sure how it will be received and since I love hugging, if it’s one of those weird/awkward hugs then, even if we had a great time, I’d feel like it was an OK time. haha … I’m so strange.

  2. I can relate Cate. Along the same lines as your last point, he may initiate conversation with me when we happen to be at social events together, simply because he’s a nice guy. But I figure he’s just not that into me beyond friendship if he doesn’t initiate meetings with me or make an effort to come to events that are important to me, e.g., going-away party or birthday celebration, etc.
    On the other hand, I don’t think I’m very good at reading signals:)

  3. who is the karaoke queen???
    yeah i think your points are riiiiight on. although i’m not a big hugger unless i’m tight with you,i dont just hug anyone. but i wouldn’t take getting a hug as a hint that he liked me either. like you said- some people just like to hug :)haa i think the greatest point you made was the “he’s not interested in getting to know you” if he’s not trying to find out what i think about life etc then that’s the exact opposite of someone INTO ya. # 1 is so funny and true haha keep ‘um coming cate. i love your thoughts!!

  4. Yup, that’s me:) Thanks Cate! And I agree with Ashley; making no effort to get to know you better is probably indicator numero uno. And yet I’ve totally missed (or maybe just chosen to ignore) that indicator in the past.

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